The Rotary Chisel Rotary Tool The Rotary Chisel cuts cleaner and faster than any other currently available. This chisel cuts smooth and clean on the hardest woods, marble, limestone, steatite, alabaster, bronze, aluminum, even stainless steel! Get one to use on your next work of art!

The Rotary Chisel's unique, triangular shape allows you full view of the cut and allows for rapid heat dissipation, thereby extending the life of the tool.

Since each cutter head is manufactured from solid carbide, the self-cleaning edge will remain sharp far longer than conventional carving tools.

The Rotary Chisel is available in styles and sizes to meet all your carving applications:

Detail Work Textures Stock Removal

Cutters Currently Available

Dimensions CT100 CT101 CT102 CT103 CT104
A: Depth of Cut
B: Head Width3/8"5/8"3/4"1"1-1/4"
C: Width of Cut1/8"1/8"3/16"1/4"3/8"
D: Shank Diameter1/8"1/8"1/4"1/4"1/4"
Examples of Cuts:
A profile, deep cuts A profile, shallow cuts
"A" Profile
B profile, deep cuts B profile, shallow cuts
"B" Profile
C profile, deep cuts C profile, shallow cuts
"C" Profile
D profile, deep cuts D profile, shallow cuts
"D" Profile
These are the Rotary Chisels currently available. Please see the Order page for full ordering and pricing information
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